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Ukrainian Ladies

Ukrainian Ladies

My wife lifted herself off of him slowly and let the combined orgasms drip out onto his now normal penis. She glanced at me and asked me if I enjoyed it. I answered it was the most amazing night of my life, with one of the best Ukrainian ladies She asked now she wanted me to cum inside of she. Tonya laid down next to Dima and told me to fuck her slowly. After only another minute I started to feel like I was a hero in the company one of the Ukrainian ladies. She could feel the same and said I was going to cum. We both got orgasms together. As we all were lying there I offered her to clean up Dima. I asked her don’t tell him what happened that night. We went to our bath room and took a shower, then laid on the sofa together and I thanked each other. She said only she should say thanks, because she was one of the most happy Ukrainian ladies. I had a better double sex than you got. So she said I loved you and we went to bed.

In the morning while we were in the kitchen Dima woke up and put on. But he obviously had not glanced at himself in the mirror because he still had Tonya's juices on his face. He said he remembered nothing since we walked out of the club the previous night and asked us to tell what had happened in Ukrainian ladies.

Tonya and I looked at each other with a hidden smile and said you got drunk, passed out, and fell asleep.

What a wonderful night.


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