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My wife and I recently went out with our usual group of friends, from Ukrainian escort mostly couples. We decided to go to the bar called Big Organs. In general it is a music bar where comedians play the piano, sing songs, tells jokes and the visitors participates, in the fun. That usual night my wife Tonya was wearing a lace black bra, and a really sexy black lace top that you could see through.

On drinking everyone could notice several hundred bras hanging from the ceiling. But all visitors could imagine how they happened to be there. During the evening my wife became rather drunk as did we all. Having drunk and enjoyed the fun within two hours Tonya asked if she could take her bra off and have it hung up on the ceiling. I said I didn’t want her to do this  and I was surprised by her intentions. She finished the conversation but about a half hour later she continued again. I agreed and let her to do this, go ahead. We were all with persons from Ukrainian Escort acting a little silly all night by throwing popcorn at other people, drinking a lot and making requests by writing on pieces of paper and handing them to the two persons at the pianos. I informed them that my wife wanted to have her bra displayed on the wall.

After several minutes had passed I saw that one of them paid his attention to the written request read it and showed it to the other persons near the piano. I saw smiles on their faces and at what moment they got everyone's attention including gays from Ukrainian escort. They asked if they had any persons ready to give their bras. There was no answer. They informed that it was a usual thing that every night a female gives the bra she was wearing or they refuse to continue with their routine. Still there were no persons from Ukrainian escort who want to do this. I looked at my wife and offer her to participate. On her answering me one of the comedians looked at me. I pointed to my wife and he put the spotlight on her and said there was a person to participate right here. He announced that there was a real written request for a bra donation. He asked her  to go up to the stage in front of three hundred or so rowdy visitors. Her face and chest became bright red, and she hesitantly went up to the stage.

He said before we get started I want to ask you a few questions. He stood facing the crowd and hold her arm. He asked the first question, are you over eighteen. She gave an answer “yes”. He notice she truly had nice breasts. What cup size are you giving tonight? You wanted "D". With that we heard a loud cheer of approval. He then said as with ritual he has to examine the participant to confirm it is in good working order and worth displaying in the bra hall of fame.

After this one of the comedians took her by the hand and led her to his piano stool. The piano separated visitors from the stool so that the lower half of their bodies was hidden from view leaving her upper body visible to half the room. He touched the stool and asked Tonya to do the same. She said that she couldn't since her skirt would not let to do this, it was very tight. He said as a matter of fact it is not a problem. He lifted up her skirt showing her thong covered bottom to those persons happy enough to be sitting behind her. She quickly sat down, and he said "notice, it was not difficult." Be sure he was the only a person who could see the front of Tonya's thong underwear. After that he got everyone's attention again and said I have to put the mike away because I need both hands to examine the bra. He said he needed to find out the real cup size.

The other comedian came over with his microphone and said don't worry he would give everyone a sign by sign of what was happening. He asked if Tonya was ready. She looked over at me with excitement and glassy eyes and smiled. I stood up and clapped and shouted. The comedian then put his hands under her shirt in the front and she jumped saying his hands were very cold. He said oh, I didn’t feel. I didn’t take care of warming them up. He moved his hands under her clothes and announced into the microphone "I found the right place." Showing that he was touching her private parts. The whole Ukrainian escort erupted again. Of course he didn’t intend touching her privates, just showing it. He then said well let's go. He blew onto his hands, and moved them under her shirt. Comedian  cupped her breasts outside her bra and said they definitely looked like D's. Everyone shouted. 


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