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 Ukraine Escorts I went to my law lecture as usual. I always looked forward to law lectures, not because it was particularly interesting, but because of this hot chick there, her name was Nadya. She had the most beautiful body, with long dark hair and a slim toned body, with the sexist voice, to be honest she looked like a rock chick. I had always thought she looked amazing ever since I saw her on my first day, I thought that she work in Ukraine escorts. I wasn't ever sure whether you was bi or not, but I always wanted to know as she kept dropping hints of being bi during lectures. Then one day our lecturer asked us to work in pairs on a law project, and me and Nadya were paired together in Ukraine escorts. Both Nadya and me started chatting & we got to know each other a  little bit more, and she said I should meet her back at her shared apartment, to get more work done on our project, I agreed and she gave me total directions back to her place, and I agreed to meet her at 8 that night.


 So that night I started to get my books & notebook together, I got changed and dressed casually in long black shorts & a white vest. I got in my car, and it was a 15 mins drive or so to Nadya’s place. When I got to Nadya's place she had put on tight skinny jeans and a tight black t-shirt, she told me come in and told me to make myself at home. So I sat on the couch, and Nadya came back with 2 glasses of red wine in Ukraine escorts. We chatted a while, and got started on our project, I was typing some work on my notebook, when Nadya came and sat besides me on the couch. I got a bit nervous at that moment, so moved a bit to the corner of the couch. See I was only 19, I had always thought girls were attractive, but I had only been with 2 guys, and I never thought I'll ever sleep with a  bi girl.

 As I moved further away from Nadya, Nadya had sensed I was a bit nervous. So then asked me about my past, and we talked about our former partners. Then Nadya ask whether I thought she was attractive, I said I thought she beautiful. She gave me a sweet smile. Then she came a bit closer to me, cornering me on the couch, she leaned in a bit and wrapped her arms around my neck, and leaned in and kissed me on my lips. I felt her soft lips touch mine, and I could feel the sweet sense of her perfume. I pulled back a bit not sure what to do, feeling a bit loss, Nadya could see I was taken back with kiss, she leaned in to kiss me again more passionately, and said she would take care of me and take it easy. Her words were so soft and relaxing. I responded straight away kissing her harder, Nadya's hand started to travel done by body. She was really Ukraine escorts model.


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