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 Kiev EscortI am Nina – Kiev escort. I am a product of the Ukrainian university. My earlier story (true incident) had received a highly encouraging response from friends. Hence I am narrating another true story. This time I am describing first experience in watching real sex. I am describing everything without any exaggeration as it all happened.  

The main characters are my sister-in-law Tanya and my brother Andrey. Tanya is a very beautiful and fashionable girl. She is from a rich family in Odessa and her father has an apartment business in Ukraine. She had her college education in the famous university in Ukraine, now she work in Kiev escort. They had been married for about four years and had a two year old daughter.  

Brother and family had moved from Odessa to Kiev and started staying with us only two days back. In bedroom was next to theirs. I had noticed a small hole in the door of the window which was common for both our bedrooms. Through this hole what is happening in the other bedroom can be clearly seen, especially if there is light in bedroom.  

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That usual night, I heard some sounds from my brother's bed room and I peeped in. The light was on in the bedroom. I saw that my brother is lying absolutely naked and Tania was fondling my brother dick which was becoming steady. She was wearing a red coloured churidar and top. She then put the dick into her mouth and started sucking it. Brother removed her churidar. She was wearing a blue coloured panty Kiev escort. Andrey inserted her fingers inside the panty and tickled her. Tanya now removed her panty and her top. She was  wearing only a bra. Andrey removed the bra also and now is fully naked. Tanya again started sucking my brother's. Brother was wriggling with happiness. Tanya was sucking the dick as if she was eating a chocobar ice cream. Suddenly Tanya said,"Andrey, please….." They now lay in opposite direction and took the dick into her mouth and Andrey started touching her pussy lips with his tongue. Tanya was seen very horny. Andrey was doing lot of things with his tongue. They were making some sounds. I started caressing my pussy lips. (I used to masturbate daily. I started this habit after seeing a blue film CD in the house of my friend Irina.)  

Suddenly she stopped sucking the dick of James. She stood up. I looked at her with wondering. She was simply beautiful. She was neither too slim nor too fat but was tall. Her face was exactly like that popular Ukrainian film actress. She was fully naked in Kiev escort. Her nipples erected. Her thick hairs, which were cut up to shoulder, were all spread out. Her lips were bright red. Her eyes were bright and deep with passion. Her eyes had the colour as well as the ocean. She was biting both her lips lasciviously. She sat on the belly of Andrey. Brother was now fully erect and was facing upwards.  

Since was facing towards the direction where I was sitting, I could see every thing in minute detail. Tanya’s pussy was almost cleanly shaven and her pussy lips appeared like rose buds. Once again bent down and sucked Andrey's for a few seconds. She then rose and spread her pussy lips with her long beautiful red nail polished fingers of both hands and moved her belly forward and touched the partly opened pussy lips on the head of Andrey's dick, which was pink in colour. Guided the dick into her pussy with her right hand and pressed her buttocks downwards. The dick totally went inside in Kiev escort. I now started caressing clit. I inserted middle finger into pussy. Leaned forward and put her left nipple in Andrey's mouth. Andrey started sucking it. Then sat straight and started moving up and down slowly taking the dick almost fully out and then taking it in fully.

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 I could see the dick going into and coming out of the pussy. She was biting her lips. Her blue eyes were partly closed. She stopped for a while and kissed Andrey. Suddenly Tanya increased her speed. She started moving up and down faster and faster. Tanya’s glass bangles made noise. Since it was about 10-30 PM there was silence around and I could clearly hear the sound of Tanya’s fully wet pussy taking the dick inside and outside. I could not stand more. I put off panty and spreading legs I inserted the middle finger of right hand into pussy which was fully wet. Looking at Tanya’s who was banging hard forgetting every thing I moved finger in and out in fast motion in Kiev escort. Tanya was not stopping. She was moving up and down like a pump or a machine and Andrey's dick was strong enough to withstand her hard banging. She was making sounds of pleasure. Continued to move very fast and finger also moved very fast. After a few minutes, reached a violent orgasm and lay on brother's body. I too reached a strong orgasm almost at the same time. Then I went to bed.


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