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She had a rest for several minutes and asked me to have sex with her. She got down from Dima and laid lower his head on his stomach and her legs hanging off the bed. I tried to go slow but Tonya asked me to enter harder and faster. She was on the eve of another orgasm and reached back and grabbed Dima's dick and started touching it while caught up in her own blissfulness. She was quite shocked that Dima was passed out yet still had an erection.It was worth telling some body from Kiev Escort Service. I still couldn’t get orgasm yet. Tonya asked me if I minded if she climbed on to of Dima. She said she was worried that Dima had such a hard erection, and she wanted to relieve the pressure so he could sleep well. She looked at his entire body and imagined that she could do as she pleased with him. She asked if i wanted  I could make some photos. I was so excited and nervous that I was finally going to watch my beautiful "Babe" being impaled by someone else's dick from Kiev escort service especially Dima’s. It was something I had dreamt about for several years. She looked at me and asked if I loved you as she impaled herself onto his rock hard penis. She was very very wet that and though he was thick he slid inside rather easily. Tonya was so active that she was taking advantage of Dima unbeknownst to him and that I was there watching she almost came immediately. She rocked back and forth a few times and squeezed and she laid on his stomach, and cried out "I'm Cumming". "I'm Cumming." She pulled herself off of his dick just enough to see her orgasm juices on his still erected cock. She asked " If I could let her to make him cum. I said I'd be disappointed if you didn't let him to cum.

With that she started climbing up and forth for several minutes. He still could not cum. Tonya told me to take the camera and make some more photos so she could see them later and show somebody from Kiev Escort Ladies Service. She then started moving up and down erecting several inches of his fat dick and just as quick as it was exposed it re-entered I heard a strange sound. She glanced at me with happiness in her eyes and said he's on the top of orgasm. Tonya asked. "Could he cum inside me. I gave her a puzzled look and agreed to this, and she prayed  "Plllllllllleeeeeeeeassssssseeeee let him cum in inside me. I said yes and she said "Oh My God, he‘s Cumming now, and I'm Cumming to. She said, Oh, I feel his orgasm inside me. I couldn’t even imagine he would cum inside me. Tonya felt everything and she liked how she could feel his penis pulsating every time fluid forcefully came out of him and into her. You cried several times and said exhaustingly "We  had cum together

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