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Our first contact was when she winked at me in Kiev, Ukraine. I was new to the scene. She was not. I winked back and waited. The next day she sent an paper mail to Kiev that she found my profile interesting in Kiev Escort Service.

I had checked hers out too and she had Kiev escort pics of her beautiful pussy on Ukraine website. Oh my, it made me want to lick her. And I have never done that. I walk around wet a lot since we met. Oh hell, I was wet a lot before that. I have never had a problem getting wet. My old' man, from Kiev, is blown away how easily I get wet. He will talk nasty to me or kiss me just so and I shove his hand in my panties to show him how sopping wet I am. When he was away in another state I sent him steamy smut paper mail from Kiev each day.

Anyhow he met a girlfriend of mine in Kiev when he got back and later he commented that she told him she had the hots for me. I laughed it off but was secretly turned on. He has made a few comments since then and I have denied any interest. What a liar. I would eat her pussy in a sec if I thought she'd let me. I have never been with another Ukraine woman but have many times fantasized about munching on tits and clits. My Kiev escort guy is very oral and won't fuck anything he can't eat first. I will have ten orgasms in a night and he has been the only one who has ever done this or known where my g-spot is. I want to give another Ukraine woman the kind of escort pleasure he gives me in Kiev.

I now find myself alone for several months while he is out of state again. So I figured now I would do some venturing out to see if he is right and I will find out I love pussy. I was online Kiev Escort Service one night recently looking for some Kiev escort photos to masturbate to. I had been watching some 30 sec clips of Kiev girl on girl action and found it great to get off on but wanted something more Kiev personal so I found some Ukraine escort personals to peruse. That is when I got 'winked' at. I was flattered. I read her profile immediately. Lo and behold, she was within driving distance. I immediately got a flutter. I winked back. I got a message she had added me to her hot list. I started my own hot list and added her. How far am I willing to let this go I asked myself? I received a message the next day that she'd like to get to know me from what I put on my escort profile in Kiev escort agency. I checked out what I had put to see what might have interested her. I looked at hers again. Ukraine girl had added a second picture of her pussy. OMG... was it beautiful. I actually reached out and touched the screen caressingly. It looked just like the pussy I had always fantasized about. Light brown hair on the top but otherwise bald. Mmm. I had to walk away from the computer for awhile and tell myself to slow down and to see more of Kiev a capital of Ukraine.

Now that I had taken the first step I was so anxious to taste her juices. I wanted her to grab my head and fuck my face the way I did to my Ukraine friend when he ate my pussy. The same way I like him to grab my head when I suck his cock. I love to suck cock and am very good at it. In fact before me he didn't even care for head, now he can't get enough. He will text me at the Ukraine escort office in Kiev and ask if I will suck his cock. I immediately get sopping wet. I love the way my body responds to him. I can be mad as hell at him and if he walks up behind me and nudges that huge cock between my cheeks as he says he is sorry and hugs me I will forgive him for being the ass he can be at times. He knows this too. I miss him but while he is away I want to have fun at Ukraine. And he has always said eatin ain't cheatin. I plan on learning how it's made in Ukraine.

I sent my new friend a naughty note about the beautiful escort picture from Kiev agency. She responded that she wanted one in kind. Hmmm. I have always been careful about letting anyone From Kiev Escort Service take naked escort pics of me and only recently when we got camera phones have I ever been turned on by it. I would be masturbating in the a.m. after he went to Ukraine office work then send him a close up of a vibrator buried in my pussy, glistening with cum. Drove him nuts. He even shared them with his Kiev escort co-workers which bothered me but now that I think back on it, I think I secretly liked it. He would tell me the hot things they would say about the Ukraine pictures. I knew he was proud and called me his little freak.

Back to my story, I decided I would take a few Kiev escort pictures for her so I waited til that night and after I waxed my pussy bare I got the camera out. I sat on the couch and fingered myself to glistening. The thought that she would see these Kiev escort pics from Ukraine agency was such a turn on. I positioned myself in various poses so she could get a good escort look at what she wanted to see. She was very happy she said. We corresponded for awhile and she asked me to meet her for Ukraine escort dinner and a drink in Kiev cafe in Ukraine.

I drove to her town and on the way my pussy was dripping with anticipation. I liked her immediately and we hit it off, laughing and elbowing each other like old Kiev escort school chums. At one point I threw my head back to laugh and she leaned over to kiss me. I turned my head towards her and opened my mouth to receive her tongue. She was a great kisser and I got wet immediately. My Ukraine lady body tingled as never before. I took the sides of Ukraine girl face in my hands and brought her to my face again. We kissed again, deeper this time. Our thighs touched and it sent shimmering tingles up my body. I need to be alone with this Kiev escort woman I thought, not in public in Kiev. It was a place where it was okay to do what we had done already but I wanted more, fast. She invited me back to her place. I followed her and felt like a Ukraine escort schoolgirl, excited and scared at the same time.

At her place the lights were turned down, as was the bed I noted when she gave me the escort tour. In the last room we saw, she turned and kissed me again. I fell back against the wall and let Ukraine model explore my mouth with abandon. I placed my hands on her hips and slid them up her sides slowly. I rested them at the sides of her breasts for a moment then gently cupped them from the sides. I used my thumbs to graze back and forth across the nipples. They immediately became hard and erect. I slowly undid her blouse and opened it. Ukraine lady had her hands on the wall above me on either side of me while she kissed me. Her breasts hung perfectly right there into my hands. I traced the swelling above the cup with my fingers, caressing her. I leaned forward and breathed gently on them, kissing them softly. She moaned. Oooh, she is a moaner like me. I like that and Kiev escort service. I look up into her eyes for permission to proceed and she winks at me. We laugh a little chuckle since how we met was a wink and we had many times mentioned that in our Ukraine postmail to each other. Ukraine girl nods her head slightly and I reach around to unhook hr bra. Her breasts tumble into my face and I take one in each palm, lifting them to my mouth. I kiss first one then the other, gently nuzzling them. May I suck them I ask and she assents. I nearly cream my jeans as I open my mouth and surround her nipple. I am amazed at how she tastes. I look up and she is staring at me with the same amazement on her face. I laugh and we kiss again.

She pulls away and grabs my hand, laughing and runs down the hall with me in tow. She instructs me to start a fire in the fireplace while she pours us a glass of Ukraine wine. When she comes back with the wine I notice she has also changed into a long flowing negligee that frames her Ukraine escort body nicely and is next to sheer. I can see her pussy lips are swollen and this moistens my panties immediately. I cannot wait to be between those lips. She says that she has laid out another negligee for me and I can change if I'd like. I take a sip of the wine and tell her I will do just that. When I get to the Ukraine escort bedroom where she has laid the beautiful gown on the bed I see that she has left a nightstand drawer partially open so that I can see the toys she has in Kiev escort service. I am curious and I peek a bit further. She has a nice selection I see and can't wait to play with them. I slip on the sexy green gown before I return to the Ukraine escort living room. The lights are turned off and the only light is the fire in the fireplace.

She is sitting in the corner of the couch, sipping wine and smiling at me. I ask her what she wants to do first and she gently lifts her negligee. I am game I say. Anxious actually, to taste her. I ask her to scoot her bottom down and lift her legs a bit. She obliges quietly. I stroke the inner thigh of each leg and blow gently on the wetness oozing from her. She shudders. Oh this is gonna be fun. I slowly kiss up her inner thigh and inhale her scent. It overwhelms me. I must have her. I reach out and separate her pussy lips with my fingers and trace the wetness around her clit. She arches her back. I lean down and plant a kiss on her mound. She entwines her fingers in my hair and scoops it out of my face so she can watch. I snake my tongue out and lick her. She quickens at my touch. I am so turned on. I reach under her bottom with both hands and bring her pussy to my face. I try to remember all the things my guy does to me and duplicate them. I envelop her clit and bathe it with warm saliva. She reaches for the back of my head and pulls me closer to her crotch. I reach my tongue inside her and taste her juices. She is like honey, sweet and thick. I suckle her from one area to the next area in Ukraine, pausing on her clit long enough for her to scream out that she is going to cum. I encourage her with my sounds and she explodes on my face, grabbing me to her fast and hard. I slurp her continuously as she tumbles right into the next orgasm. Oh, she is multi-orgasmic, as am I. Yes, I am going to like this girl in Kiev escort service agency in Ukraine. I wonder if she can reach an orgasm simply by having her breasts sucked too. She recovers from the second orgasm and says we are moving to the Ukraine escort bedroom. I cannot wait to lay with her and let her explore my body as I continue to explore hers. We head to the bedroom... to be continued

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