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Kiev escort girls He reached around her back and tried to take off Tonya’s bra. He said that since her shirt had three quarter sleeves and was very tight that she would have to take off the shirt in order to get the bra off. Everyone of Kiev escort girls shouted again. She refused and he said he would have to cut the shoulder belts. She said “yes”. He took a pair of scissors and cut the first belt then the second. The crowd of Kiev escort girls was shouting louder. He then again moved under the front of her shirt and lifted the bra cups over her breasts. Then there was something that did Tonya's nipples hard. He told in her ear how hard her nipples became. He stopped and touched her breasts together at the same time.

 He was now telling what he was doing into the microphone and described in detail how soft her breasts were in spite of her hardening nipples. He then pulled his hands out and said he had to get a better grip in order to take the bra off. He pulled the front of her shirt out and moved his head under her shirt while it was still covering her. She looked straight at me with an angry red face and suddenly she wide opened her mouth when he touched her right breast with his mouth and started to suck it. She took his head, but he was so quick that he displaced on to the other breast and started sucking on her now rock hard nipples. He put the microphone under her shirt and it was amazing, at that time he announced he couldn't talk now since his mouth was so full.

He then pulled his head out from under her shirt and everyone saw her black lace bra between his teeth. The crowd of Kiev escort girls was shocked. He hung the bra up on the wall, and announced that her drinks were free of charge to night. Everyone was smiling her and gave her a strong ovation as she jumped off the stage and into my arms.

After this funny game a group of young guys were having a bachelor party and asked if my wife would pose for a photograph for the groom. She stood up and said it is not a problem. She let make them a few photos and the groom asked if she could present her panties. She answered of course. She moved under her skirt and took her thong off and presented it to him while his friends took photos of him holding the panties up to his face.

Now my wife had no underwear and was still drunk rather heavily. We come back to our friends who by now were all drunk as well. We were going away but one of our friends whose wife was out of town was seriously drunk and couldn’t talk and could barely walk. Everyone lived in different part of city and we told the guy whose wife was not with him that we could take him to our house since he was very drunk. We said our friends goodbyes and I had to assist him get into the back seat. I also helped Tonya getting into the front passenger seat. Then I turned my head and saw that Dima fell a little bit on the front of his shirt Kiev escort girls. I stopped and tried to draw his attention. At that moment he opened up the back door and threw up on the ground next to our car. He took off his shirt and wiped his face and hide it in the back seat because it was not clear.

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