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Escorts in Kiev

He then said he needed to piss. He went off the car and pissed, while we sat in the front seats. He came stumbling back and was completely without clothes. As we all knew in escorts in Kiev Dima enjoyed getting naked when he was drunk. I drove away and as soon as we got onto the highway Dima said he had been sick. I stopped and he went out again. He was hanging out the door and said he was sick. Tonya said she would take him back in the car. She went to the back door of the car and took him back in. She left him and closed the door. I drove to our house. Dima was so big he barely could sit on the back seat. He laid his head against his door and put his feet up on Tonya's lap. She looked at me and smiled. On driving Dima started snoring, and knowing how much my wife enjoyed checking out guys' packages I discovered she would be checking out Dima's one. I reached up and adjusted the rear-view mirror and saw my wife looking rather intently at his manhood. Dima woke up and we stopped on the highway and so he was feeling sick again.Dima closed the door and passed out almost immediately.

Once again Tonya was examining  his package. Without looking back I let her touch if she wanted. Obviously Dima would not remember that night, and I said she could do that she wants. There was no response. I only heard as Dima was snoring. I adjusted the rear-view mirror again, and saw Tonya doing something. It was kind of  not very impressing sight because Dima's penis was not very long, but it was very fat. Tonya's hand wasn’t able to fit around it. I thought she had never seen one that fat or maybe she was afraid of the fact that she could do what she wanted to do with his dick and he would not remember. It was the first time in her life that she had an availability to do everything she wanted with a guy.

We finally arrived home and Tonya’s hand was still fixated on Dima's dick. She still had her hand wrapped around his dick and it had hard erection. I stopped the car and I opened Tonya's back door and she immediately started kissing me clasping in her arms and legs around me. I asked her let me take Dima to the house first escorts in Kiev . I could barely move Dima but I took him to our house and into the guest bedroom. He was laying flat on his back on our sofa with his arms above his head and his legs spread eagled. I went outside to find Tonya and found her without any clothes still sitting in the car. I took her clothes and her hand and went with her into the house and into our bedroom. I started  take off my clothes and she laid back and jokingly spreads her legs and said fuck me now. I finished taking off and was going to close our door and she said why bother, Dima's passed out.

Tonya laid me down and tried to erect my dick and I slid in rather easily. She was already very excited. She asked me if I liked what happened tonight. I said I liked that night very much. She asked if I was angry with all these persons from escorts in Kiev. I said not in any case. I said I was totally happy with everything that had happened recently. She smiled and took my hand and we went to the guest room. She told me watch this. She bent over the bed and let her hanging breasts laid on Dima's face. She offered if i wanted to make some photos I could better to take the camera. I very quickly went away and was back with the camera in my hands. She was now shaking her breasts across Dima's face and I made several photos. She grabbed one of her breasts and butted one of her nipple in Dima's mouth. He started sucking it and licked it rhythmically .Tonya's body was exited, hot and red and started shaking. She asked if I didn’t mind. I said not in any case. She asked if I would ever tell that story anyone from escorts in Kiev. I told her didn’t worry about that. After that she stood and climbed on the bed and sit over Dima's face. She started shaking her breasts over Dima's face. She started rubbing herself over his face. Her lips divided and somehow Dima's mouth opened and he licked and sucked on her inner folds. As a result Tonya's body was shaking and she had an orgasm on her face without him even knowing it. She moved down and was now straddling his chest. In spite of darkness in our bed room it was clear that Tonya's intimate juices were all over Dima's face.


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