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choose your kiev escorts agency model 1 Choose your Kiev escorts agency modelThe you will be warmer, the receive in the answer more. The will show more naturally the feelings, — the more feelings will be given to you by your half. And then your life becomes much happier, it will be possible to overcome many disagreements which to you now disturb, and to avoid quarrels in the future.

If you have typed more than 31 points:
You are a Kiev escorts model who lives in the consent with the feelings and reason. Both with that, and with another at you a full order, exactly so much, how many it is necessary to be considered as the harmonious, counter balanced Kiev escorts model. At you a precise mind and thus enough romantic feelings that the opposite escort sex did not consider you as "a walking arithmometer".

In suitable situations you are emotional, in others — include brains that allows to avoid many errors. You are difficult for deceiving, because you objectively estimate escort people. You do not idealise associates, but also do not find fault with them, concern them is realistic, how they deserve. Being the Kiev escorts model in every respect positive, try to see in escort people good, and their lacks concern indulgently. You accept their such what they are, do not demand from them impossible. Your mind allows you to find the same clever and decent escort people who can be trusted. read more →

Best Kiev escort service model

best kiev escort service model 1 Best Kiev escort service modelIt is not excluded that it is its time irritates. Whether it was necessary to you to hear the angry: "It would be time to mature already!"? If yes, you need to try to look more really at escort people and soberly to estimate their advantages, lacks and motives of their acts. It does not mean that henceforth it is necessary to show distrustfulness to all without an exception, but nevertheless escort people need to be differentiated — it is possible to be frank with one, with others — is not present, because they are not reliable. Before to believe, it is good to check up better.

Do not hasten to plough up the soul and a purse before everyone, differently in your Kiev escort life there will be many disappointments.

If you have typed from 22 to 30 points:
You the Kiev escort model rational. The mind at you prevails over emotions. Before something to make, all of you carefully weigh and seldom give vent to the emotions. It is good to be the realist, but do not forget that "the Kiev escort model in a case", tightly clasped on all buttons and closed, — is a little attractive to associates, in particular for Kiev escort ladies.
Perhaps, your half reproached you time and again for dryness and even callousness?

Though you with it do not agree, but nevertheless it is necessary to listen to opinion of the loved one. read more →

Best Kiev escort girls

best kiev escort girls 1 Best Kiev escort girlsIn due course the love all appears in the festive attires — enthusiasms and passions less often. But to it to the Kiev escort model and daily dresses — kindness and keenness. The main thing — not to flaunt before each other in underwear — egoism and straightforwardness.

And there are more than compliments! If you look for peace in a escorts company, add to the arsenal the motto Don Zhuana: "Favourite — hundred compliments in day!" Multiply it by quantity of the days lived in Kiev escort service, and you will understand, how many compliments have given short to your Kiev escort girlfriend of life.

And by the way, there are happy Kiev escort girls to whom husbands pay compliments every day. Let not hundred compliments daily, but it is quite enough to feel itself favourite, desired and attractive. Also that the most remarkable: their husbands — too happy escort people.
Kiev escorts girl cannot be disarmed a compliment, the man it is possible always.
Oscar Uajld
Principle: that you will give, you will receive, — it is universal for human mutual escort sex relations.
Those spouses who give to the half a lot of love, — as a rule receive love in the answer.

Than there is more than attention you will render to Kiev escort lady, especially soft and womanly it will be. And on the contrary, than it is more you than it will criticise and "to rub the nose", especially prickly, nervous and irreconcilable it becomes, — by the way, thanks to you. read more →

Rates of Ukraine escorts agency ladies

rates of ukraine escorts agency ladies 1 Rates of Ukraine escorts agency ladiesIn all there should be a reasonable sense, and all actions should be on advantage to both of you, your mutual escort sex relations and your Ukraine escorts company as a whole.

In Ukraine escorts sex relations with the man it is not necessary to show dictatorship and unconditional requirements: "Make and any conversations!". No, it is necessary to influence the husband tactfully, gradually, but systematically and purposefully. Sometimes it is necessary to show hardness, and sometimes and compliance (even if it ostentatious, and all of you it is equal from the be not receded). The Overall objective — that to both of you and your children from it it was good. I repeat: to both! If you are guided by egoistical reasons or to demand, that the husband became such as yours the neighbour (the father, the brother, the general acquaintance, the friend), — will turn out nothing.

We love the dog and we do not want, that it changed for the better; and in Ukraine escorts people whom we love, to us much is to be changed.
The man needs to be convinced, instead of to operate imperatively. The stronger escort sex understands logic belief is better. Most effectively imperceptible suggestion of a definite purpose. In this case the vanity of the husband is not touched, he is assured that Ukraine escorts lady respects him and it is considered with it.

read more →

Rates of Ukrainian escorts ladies

rates of ukrainian escorts ladies 1 Rates of Ukrainian escorts ladiesAnd on a maximum, — to be happy.

And here it appears that expectations have not justified. Real home life cardinally disperses from those hopes, which Ukrainian escorts model assigned to it. It appears that home life — at all an oasis, and storm The sea to float in which alone is unsafe for composure. The escort friend and the loved one in the name of the half of persons has not found, but has got an array of problems. All right, if these problems were only material; eventually, at desire they are solved, despite difficult realities of modern life. But all trouble that the Ukrainian escorts model in a escorts company does not find psychological comfort.

Life is good, as a mackerel in a tomato. V.Knyazev
Having found out that its expectations have not justified, the Ukrainian escorts model becomes indignant — as so, him have deceived! Why the spouse has not created to it happy life, where that optimistical ending with which fairy tales usually come to an end: "They have got married and have begun to live happily"?
And then he starts to search for the reason. As a rule, nobody searches for the reasons in itself(himself), though this most simple explanation. If the Ukrainian escorts model is not able to jump in height, he does not blame a lath which hangs too highly?

He knows that is not able to jump highly, and does not try to jump at all over those who it is able. read more →

Sexy Ukrainian escorts girl

sexy ukrainian escorts girl 1 Sexy Ukrainian escorts girl At conversation with the second spouse it appears that all in accuracy on the contrary: it it (it) should be reconciled with difficult character of the half and to concede (or not to concede and point out the defects), the spouse (spouses) shows egoism and pulls a blanket on the Ukrainian escorts party.

Such situations are typical for many married couples. As they say, "In another’s eye and a mote you will see, and in the and logs you do not see".
Marriage as if a tango: for it two are necessary, and sometimes it is necessary to recede to continue dance.
Margaret White
At other variant the subordinated position of one of spouses and domination of another really takes place. Sometimes it is a consequence of masochistic character traits (that means not realised aspiration to be humiliated, to subordinates to test moral sufferings and to have from it original satisfaction). Such Ukrainian escorts ladies (man) subconsciously search for the partner in life who could dominate, humiliate and in psychological sense "to wipe feet".

And, other partner in life also is not necessary to them.
The husband has brought home a puppy and tries to teach to stand it on hinder legs. Ukrainian escorts lady has not sustained:
— Stop to torment a dog! All the same you will achieve nothing!
— I will achieve. With you has achieved!

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Beautiful Ukraine escorts agency models

beautiful ukraine escorts agency models 1 Beautiful Ukraine escorts agency modelsSomeone and really starts to flounder and comes up (truth, on water without skill it long will not hold on, and if to it not to help, can and sink), and others a stone go on a bottom because do not know that by it to do.

And here, having been disappointed in escort service and the half, the Ukraine escorts model starts to search for the reason — why Ukraine escorts service is not has gone right. Thus he does not speak to itself(himself): "All has occurred because I did not know something, was not able" (no less than the Ukraine escorts model who sinks, does not blame itself that in due time has not learnt to float, and blames the one who has dumped him from a boat). He starts to search for the guilty. Far it is not necessary to search — here it, the one who in all is guilty — sits (or lies) opposite. "It it (it is guilty because conducted itself incorrectly! If it was another (another) at all of us it would be good".

The desirable man goes woolgathering, real — stamps a number.
Everything, the whipping boy is found. Now it is necessary to explain to the half, how much it is wrong, let is immediately corrected and then the world will be restored, in a Ukraine escorts company rest will be established, the happiness will come to the house, and they will begin to live as two pigeons. read more →

Rates of Ukrainian escorts service ladies

rates of ukrainian escorts service ladies 1 Rates of Ukrainian escorts service ladiesThe book will be useful to both spouses because efforts of one Ukrainian escorts model happy escort service you will not construct. I do not doubt at all that husbands learn here a lot of useful, and much of before not clear behaviour of the better half becomes clear to them. "As it is simple, when all will explain to you!", — one my reader has told. You are convinced that all and really is simple. I do not like to give imperative, but abstract recommendations, than many foreign authors sin. At me other style of dialogue with the reader — in the form of dialogue or I tell everyday story, and the reader himself sees, in what the hero of history was not the rights, and then we together solve how not to repeat another’s errors.

You receive many concrete councils from which can choose comprehensible to you.

But it not an imperative, and only the help; each Ukrainian escorts model can put them into practice creatively, depending on the personal features and mutual Ukrainian escorts sex relations with the husband (Kiev escort lady).
"We understand Ukraine escort ladies who understand us", — one clever Ukrainian escorts model has told. And I to it would add: Ukraine escort ladies very much love men who understand them and accept such what they are.
Very much I hope that this book will help you to reach mutual understanding with your half. read more →


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