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 There were 3 or 4 couples we always met together after college. Alex and his wife were always the wild sex people like some persons from escort service.Before they married they have always invited one of us or another from escort service to spend the weekend with them and would always try to end up swinging with that couple.


The slow set started and Alex looked at me with passion. I had a nice summer top on, a thin bra and skimpy bikin panties. I hadn't started to shave down there yet but I kept it nice decorated. He started rubbing up against me and in no time I could realize that the stories I'd heard about his cock being quite large were real.


1000's sexy Russian Singles. Russian ladies' personals. HQ nude or semi-nude photos.Vitya, my husband and I would always resist them since I had no intentions to get that type of behaviour. However, I knew from the way Alex liked me and the suggestions he made to my husband that there was no doubt he would love to get into my panties.


Russian girls Adult sex singles of nude Russian girls, looking for sex on the side and short term relationships.A couple years later we all met together for one of the last weddings of our college company. It was a hot summer night and we had a lot of alcohol. I wanted to be drunk and was pretty well drunk in a short while.He was touching my back and sliding his hands up the sides of my breasts, making the nipples ache to be touched.


 with Bond & Mayfair escort agency in Kiev available for incall and outcall appointments UK/Worldwide He put one of his leg between mine and started touching that big cock up agianst my little panty covered pussy.
God I felt myself becoming wetter and wetter as he slid his hand down my front and started to touch my hill, my dress and panties. I was out of my mind and I implored him to stop, I said 'please Alex, everyone can notice us', he just laughed and said 'Ann, I've wanted it to continue for a long time and no one could stop me now'.


He squeezed my pussy and said, 'now, go to the bathroom and take your panties off. Then take them to me.' I was shocked and marched myself into the ladies room and reached under my dress and pried my little pink panties away from my gooey snatch and took them off.
I took them in my hand and went back to Alex. He showed his hand and I gave him my panties. He hid them in his pocket, took my hand and we went outside. I tried to refuse because I knew what would happen if I went outside in his company. He didn’t take care of this fact.


We went out to the parking lot, where my husband’s car was parked. Alex turned me against the side and started to kiss me. God I thought I was so exited! He took off my bra and his hand was touching my panty less pussy. He took my hand and put his cock in it, telling me, ' ok Ann take it out now and kiss it with passion'.


He wanted me to suck his cock! I was shocked, my husband was his good friend, what is going happen? Well, I took it out and it was a nice big, thick, uncut cock and I wanted to look at it. ' now get on your knees and suck it like never before, Ann. I know Vitya doesn't have anything like this, does he?'. 'no, Alex he is absolutely different', and i took the big purple rose into my mouth.


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